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I wanted this to be my first post of 2013

:-D .. So I took a test on Xmas eve and it was negative then like 5 minutes later Josh called me and said that our SIL was pregnant so I was super blah .. But then on the 26th my friend convinced me to take another test cuzz I was having horrible heartburn and acid reflux for a few days .. So I took one and it was a very very very faint positive, so faint josh couldn’t even see it but I knew I saw it.. Took another test the next morning, the 27th, and it was negative and I was like well wtf ill just wait and see if I start my period.. Which I was supposed to start the first of the year, Sunday night I gave in and just decided to take another test it was positive a few hours later I took another one it was positive again (those are the 2 tests on the bottom of the picture) I had josh go get me the digital tests and took that one this morning (monday morning) and it said pregnant. I’m still in shock and surprised and thinking I’m dreaming. This is a great way to start the new year and I find it hilarious that this happened on the last 2 days of the year because I said if I wasn’t pregnant by 2013 I was going to the dr haha .. Eeek :-D

for the people that have me on facebook do not post anything on my facebook and if … god forbid.. anyone from real life checks my blog do not say anything to anyone yet :-D

Also if any of my lovely TTC people choose to unfollow I would COMPLETELY understand and not hold it against you, love you!!

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